“I can’t thank Irene Kerzner and Heidi Wells enough for their concierge home sales service!  They helped make the process of staging and selling our home and purchasing a new home as seamless and stress-free as possible.  Irene’s guiding hand, market knowledge and experience on the sale and purchase and Heidi’s creativity and logistical skills on the staging were incredible and instrumental in helping us achieve our goals!  I am so glad we had Irene and Heidi on our team!”

-- Lori Y. and Ty B., March 2017

"On a scale of 1-10, Irene is a 12!  Exceptionally savvy about the real estate market, well-connected to a network of valuable resources, kind, caring, and compassionate.  Recommended by a friend, Irene provided such quality of personalized service throughout our home purchase and sale that we were able to relax and actualize our dream home.  Rave reviews!”

-- Ginna and Denny, October 2016

"We worked with Irene over a two year period to find the perfect home for our family.  Irene took the time to get to know us and what we wanted out of our next home -- even intuiting things that we probably could not have known ourselves but now love about our new place. When she finally found us the perfect property we had to move quickly, first to put in a winning offer and then to sell our house.  Irene guided us through every nerve-wracking moment with her humor, reassurance, and incredible knowledge.  

“Our Concierge Home Sales team of Irene and Heidi Wells ensured our property sold for top dollar, bringing in more offers than we ever imagined.  Their combined network of contractors enabled us to ready our place quickly and affordably and Heidi's incredible staging truly transformed the space.  Heidi's eye for editing, rearranging, and reenergizing a home not only helped us sell our old place, but has also inspired us to put our own creative stamp on the new place.  To top it all off, their partnership with Gentle Giants made the far less glamorous aspects of moving much easier to orchestrate.  Who would have thought buying and selling a home could be so much fun? 

“It has been my pleasure to recommend Irene and Heidi to everyone I have met since who is thinking of buying or selling a home. They bring incredible knowledge, artistry, and value -- a true dream team!”

-- Stephanie and Adam B., October 2015

"I am so glad to have sold my home through Irene, Heidi and their team. They have done an amazing job and made everything as hassle-free as they can. Irene was so responsive, knowledgeable and professional throughout the process. We have received 10 offers after a weekend open house and the final price was $85,000 over our asking price, which was truly a surprise to us! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to sell their house."

--Jenny L., October 2015

“Irene and Concierge Home Sales are the best!    Irene's calm demeanor and professional attitude, coupled with her deep knowledge of the market enabled us to sell my mother's home in record time, at a record price.  We were working under some difficult circumstances and Irene and Heidi delivered on their promise that they would handle everything in order to make our experience easy - - they did.   I cannot recommend this team enough.  Their care and knowledge and accessibility were invaluable!  We've used Concierge Home Sales twice, there's no doubt we will use them again.”

-- Lori Z. and Adam R., July 2015

“We strongly believe that the sales and staging package offered by Irene is what made our house sell so quickly and easily. We received 16 offers after the first open house.”

-- Carl and Susan, February 2014
“Irene and her staging efforts through Heidi Wells handled every detail of our sale. We gave them our keys and they transformed our home — and it sold for more than we ever imagined.

“Professional, hardworking, tasteful.... even brilliant. Those are the words that come to mind when I think of Irene and Heidi.”

-- Manon & Marc, February 2014

“The combination of sales and design is absolutely brilliant! So glad we had the opportunity to take advantage of this innovative service. Our home was staged beautifully and sold in a flurry of offers. We couldn’t be happier— thank you, Irene.”
-- Erik and Amanda, February 2014